We enable bigger projects for small companies.

We focus on helping people do better jobs at construction sites. Our first challenge is to automatize unhealthy and hard manual labour. We make an autonomous painting robot for large scale building projects of >300m2 wall surface.

Automated Spray Technology

10%+ paint savings

40% faster than humans

Better Health for your employees

No more backpain

Better working environment

Finish Projects faster

Sample project of 5000m^2 takes 30% less time

Pre Project Planning

Hardware as a Service

Never worry about repairs

AI driven robotic solution


Success in all shapes and sizes.

Track the progress and be informed about the status of the paint jobs.

“Malai is strong on ideas and innovation, with a versatile skill set, ready to tackle the challenges of automation in construction with the help of ai”

Pic Josh Bracken - Construction Manager

We can help you finish your projects faster, cheaper and with less stress to organize.

Did you know that most constructions sites have an overhead of at least 30% due to unreliable subcontractors? Our product is transparent in all aspects and thus enables you raise productivity.

All Inclusive Package
Specialist & robot
24/7 Painting possible 

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Paul Kehnel
Solution Architect

Paul graduated with a BSc from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in computer science. During his MSc at TUM and the Stockholm University Paul focused on data analytics and deep learning. Prior to Mala, he worked as a consultant in a top consultancy with a strong focus on artificial intelligence.

Moritz Wolf
Head of Robotics

Moritz graduated with a BSc from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in robotics. He is currently pursuing his MSc in robotics and founded several startups like plsreturn.me .

Sebastian Paul Fellner
Deep Learning Expert

Sebastian started programming at the age of 12, and is now heading towards his Master in Computer Science at TUM. His bachelor thesis was about reinforcement learning applied to autonomous driving. Additionally, he was already working in several academic and non academic AI projects, including a computer-vision/autonomous-driving project at a Munich based agriculture-tech startup. As well as working as deep learning engineer at Luminovo.ai.

Adrian Thiesen
Customer Expert

Adrian was among the early team of FreightHub GmbH a digital freight forwarder and has helped to raise over 40 million in funding. After FreightHub’s successful series A, he headed out to pursue his MSc. at tum and founded his own E-Commerce startup, and worked as a VP Product at medikura.

Phoebe Viktoria Pawlik
Business Genius

Victoria is currently studying Management and Technology at TUM, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Informatics. She previously worked at Salesforce, where she helped clients perfect their customer relationship management, she is fluent in chinese and lived in china for over a year.